Friday, June 20, 2008

Family Friday

I am so excite we leave tomorrow for Philippi WV for our mission trip. I am heading up a team to do bible school for the kids. Talked to everyone on my team and they are all ready to go. I was speaking to one gal from our church who hasn't gone before. She said my excitement is contagious because I still get excite after going 3 years.

You will notice my blogs next week will be all about my day. This is to keep our church updated on how things are going. If things go like last year I could come back to the room in the evening and blog about the day. We stay in college dorm rooms and eat in the college cafeteria each day. Our service area isn't to far from the college. If for some reason I can't get on my blog I will call Nikki, my daughter and ask her to post something.

Please be praying for us. We have a 6 hour drive tomorrow. Hubby has to work in the morning and then we leave. We always have fun on the drive down too. We use the buddy system so two cars are always together. We take our walkie talkies to talk in the cars back and forth.

Pray for the children who will be coming each day, that they will have a hunger to know more of God. Pray for safety for all the construction works too.

Hubby is distracted. While we are away his work is voting to strike. So when we get back he may not have work. That is not a good thing but I'm trying to give to God and not worry. Another attack by evil.

Our son is already down there he went with a few other guys ahead of time. Amanda is staying home to tend to the pets.

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