Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Me Day

I got a phone call this morning about 5 minutes before I had to leave the house to pick up the boys. Their mom said she forgot to tell me there dad took off today so I had the day off.
At first I was mad. Then I remembered my morning prayer. "Lord let me be the person you want me to be today. A day you would like me to have not a day I make it."

I emailed a friend and said I am off today so I should get the rest of VBS written. I could also get work done around the house.

That all changed fairly quickly. I looked at the rain and remembered how last time I talked to mom on a rainy day she said "the rain makes me tired and lonely" So I had an idea. I went to mom's house picked her up and we spent most of the morning shopping. We didn't buy much. But we had some fun and laughs.

I came home and thought well it is already 1:00 do I really want to start something now? Then I remembered our Netflix movie we didn't watch yet. So I popped in the DVD and watch "Hairspray" I never saw it and didn't even know what it is about. But I loved it. I enjoy musicals. I didn't know it was a musical either.

I just made a quick meal for dinner, hot dogs and Kraft mac and cheese. Simple meal means a relax meal for me. Tonight we had small group bible study.

Now as my day is coming to an end I was thinking I didn't get what I wanted to done however God gave me the day I needed, a "Me Day." We all need one of them from time to time.

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Kathy said...

Sounds like God just had different plans from yours and it turned out really nice!