Friday, March 14, 2008


God's timing is always perfect. We may not thinks so but it is so true. I am seeing that more in more with my dad's situation.

God times his heart to stop in the ER when his cardiologist is walking past after setting up his surgery schedule for the next day.

Dad refused to have the surgery last week when he was in the hospital because it meant mom would have to drive over 1/2 to go the hospital they want to transfer him to. Dad defibulator went off 4 times yesterday. He will have the surgery next week. Hubby and I are both off all next week and can drive mom.

Dad was at home yesterday early morning but by 9:00 no one knew where he was. I was calling the house and cell phone once an hour. My sister called the hospitals, but didn't find him. My dear friend from Maine (I'm in PA) called me yesterday. She has a way of comforting me. She also lived though no knows each day if this is the last day on earth for a parent. She lived though it for over a year!

I knew all day in my heart Dad was at a hospital. So after the boys went home I went to my parents house. Mom was just getting back. She said they didn't have the phone with them so she couldn't call.

Hubby and I are off for 10 days. I so need the rest. I need to be able to sleep longer and take life slower. There are days I feel like I could could drop or just cry. If you ever went thought "When will the call come" you know what I mean. But God knows the timing and it will be the perfect time.

I'll post Family Friday tonight or tomorrow.


Denise said...

Lifting you up in my prayers sweetie, I love you.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so sorry I have not been here.
I did not want to leave the hospital. I was so exhausted. I understand.
It has taken almost a week for me just to feel like I can breathe normal. My sleep still has not been sufficient.
Grab some winks when you can. Eat right.
God knows.
I pray that God allows you to enjoy many more years with your Dad. Keiths Dad had 92 years--he was ready to go home.