Saturday, February 2, 2008

It Is Here

A day I have been waiting for is finally here. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.

We are even going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow. Something we haven't done in years. I kept saying I was going to bring my Giant's blanket along so there would be no doubt who I wanted to win.

But Hubby and I did something different today. We went shopping for a Giants sweatshirt. I was very surprised with hubby he does not like crowds or traffic. We tried the small malls but could not find one so we went to the largest mall in our area. We were surprised to see the sporting good stores were not carrying football shirts they are all baseball now. So we went to JC Penny's and were walking past the steps and we found it!

So now I am ready for tomorrows game. I even brought the veggie tray to bring along.

Hey Nikki tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.


Denise said...

Have fun tomorrow sweetie, hope the giants win.

Nikki said...

yeah, and????

Kathy said...

I know you are happy this morning! said...

Congrats on your team winning! I bet you are so happy!! I have a valentine for you at my blog! Love and hugs, grams

Sharon said...

How cool to see a picture of you up close.
I am sure you probably have posted one before but you know as I get older the memory gets a little vague. :)