Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Free To Beleive

I am working on learning the music for this years mission trip bible school I head up. Tonight the words to this one song got me to thinking. (Sorry folks I don't know how to find songs links on the internet.) Here are the words.

Livin' Free by Stacy Hood

I'm free to believe God's grace I have received
My Lord and my God has shown love to me.
I'm Free to believe God's grace I have received.
I'm free to be who God called me to be.

We are free to beieve God's grace we have received.
Our Lord and our God here for the world to see.

We are free to believe God's grace we have receive.
Let us live and love as God's community.

God's own Son was the only one
who could free us to live as family
Our faith will lead as though we cannot see.
We'll be the people God calls us to be.


Now let's look back at the line I typed in bold.
I'm free to be who God called me to be!

Do you truely beleive you are who are called to be? Do you know who God called you to be? I know who God wants me to be and yes I do know I'm free and can be who he wants me to be. But I don't alway beleive 100%. If I completely beleived I would be doing it full time. I would trust God more and let him be my "all sufficient". I would not have any doubts.

I guess I need to trust God more. I need to be more of who God called me to be. My faith will lead where I can not see.

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Denise said...

Such beautiful words.