Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Letter

Every year I write a family Christmas letter and mail it in my cards to family and friends. Today I am going to share the letter with my Blogger Friends.


The years sure do go fast the older one gets. It is hard to believe last year at this time we had just sent two kids off to college and one got married. Here is this years happenings in the Mahorsky family.

Sandi has taken to writing a blog several days a week. You can view it here She does a Family Friday where she updates what went on in the family over the week. This year she is not doing a home day care home. She is a Nanny for just one family. Once again she was on the mission trip to West Virginia where she headed up a team to teach a Vacation Bible School program to the local children. She became active in our new church’s ladies bible study.

John had his route changed at the Bakery and now his area is Bethlehem. He too went on the mission trip and worked on repairing cars for the local people. He also had to replace an engine in one of our cars. John played church softball again this year but with our new church. John was the pitcher. The team made it to play offs but that was as far as they got. He once again enjoyed helping his friend work on constructions of homes.

Jason is in his second year of College at Liberty in VA. He worked in home construction when he was not at school. Jason played on the church softball team with his dad. He too went on the mission trip. He worked on fixing homes for the local.

Amanda is in her second year at East Stroudsburg University. She is doing very well and on the Dean’s list. She is a Nanny and house sitter for a family. She has decided commuting to college is best for her. She spends most of her free time studying.

Nikki and Steve are now married a full year. It is hard to believe. Nikki now stays at home taking care of the house and does a little doggie sitting. Steve is still at Procter and Gamble. They are waiting the arrival of their first child this February. Yes that means we are going to be grandparents!

As for our pets, Queen Kaci has been a joy. She just loves her walks and swims in the creeks. Fred and Wil are just as you would guess cats to be, unpredictable. Wil has this thing about taking baby Jesus out of the manger this year.

Sandi’s parents are doing good. They keep John busy with handyman jobs. Their dog Penny passed away this year. So we got them two kittens. Jack and Jill will be 4 months old on Dec. 20th. As we write this the tree is still up, however Dad says just barely. The kittens love to climb the tree.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us.
It is amazing how it allows us to step beyond the computer screen and get to know you a little better.

Mom does a family letter too. With my brothers living so far away her letters keep us up to date. I do wish we could all be together again one day for Christmas. It has been such a long time. But with all the young grandchildren 11 total, it is hard for everyone to get in for Christmas.
I have enjoyed getting to know you.
Have a great Christmas.