Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joy In the Ordinary

I've been reflecting on my women's retreat last week end Called "Journey to Joy" and then looking at some blogs and came across Max Lucado's "Joy in the Journey"

His first point is joy in the ordinary. We look for joy in hurt and trials to get us though but we don't stop to enjoy joy in the every day. Did you take joy in starting your day today. I make a "to do" list every morning (I don't usually complete everything and don't fret about it if I don't). I thought oh I should take joy in making my list and in my work. Take joy in hanging my wash out in the fresh breeze. Take joy in picking up my house and running the sweeper. Do I? Not usually. I will just go about doing my days lists without enjoying the joy. You see I am thinking about next week when I will not be allowed to do my everyday things and will need to explain to family members why they need to do it. I will share with them the joy it brings.

One of the other joys I take for-granted in the joy of site. I was watching a leaf float down to the ground today. I found myself smiling it does bring joy just to watch something so fragile floating. I also enjoyed the looks on the little boys faces today. I took them to feed the duck. The parents had told me they never had time to do that so I took them today. What joy that brought as we look at each duck and their different coloring. They were so excited the joy showed on their faces.

Take time to take joy in the ordinary.


Denise said...

Amen, this post really blessed me today.

Kathy said...

For the rest of today, I will try to take joy in the things I have to do! Thank you!

Sharon said...

I have been thinking about joy also. Interesting how God talks to His people in waves. If you are tuned in you will here the message.
Thank you for your thoughts. I am noticing the leaves falling also--falling right into the pool! :)
A little more work, but Oh the joy of a little cool weather.
Thanks for stopping by--come again.