Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday School

I have so much fun in Sunday School. This is the second week of teaching the Pre-K (ages 3&4). I have a great helper, Sue. We had eight, yes that is 8 little boys, no girls. There are 10 boys and 1 girl on the roster but so far only boys. Today our story was about family (The book of Ruth). I learned don't give the 3 yr. old markers even if they say washable. They pull the felt out. So next week I am bringing lots of crayons. The other thing that makes this class so much fun is I go with the flow. I don't have to get everything that is in the lesson book into each lesson. I make sure we do the bible story and memory verse.
Love One Another John 13:34 we have the same verse for several weeks.
The boys are so much fun and they say some funny things.

Today when I walked out of the class toward worship some one asked how I am doing. I said "good and I just had 8 little boys in my class." Later that day she sent me an email and said I must enjoy it when I was talking about my class I had a smile ear to ear. I wish we would all have a smile ear to ear when we are doing God's work. It says so much in it's self.

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