Monday, May 14, 2007

Puppets or Freedom

It seems lately people have been saying to me. Why would God allow this or that "bad"thing to happen? Let's think about if he didn't allow "bad" things to happen. We would all have to be puppets. He would move you each and every step. He would say your each and every word. We would all have to be a like so there was no differences. No one could die we would have no room on earth if every person was here since Adam.

I personally don't think I would like to be a puppet. I want to show my love to God by being obedient to Him. If I didn't have freedom of choice how would I show my love to God?

God allows us to have freedom of choice and yes that means "bad" things will happen. But we need to respond with our fruitful characteristics to show the world who God is.

Here is an example: Recently someone asked to go out to talk and have tea. She was wondering how I can have a peace about me when I am going though trials. I got to share the gospel with her. So lets remember to rejoice in good and "bad" times because the bad isn't aways bad.

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