Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where is Life Taking You

It's hard to know where your life is going. From where you are, on the side of the mountain, you might not eve see the top. The winding trail might not seem to be going anywhere. Sometimes it might even seem to go downhill! I read this lately and got to thinking how true.

I thought about how we handle this climb. Do you go full speed ahead? Do you stroll along taking rests? Do you complain with every step? Do you turn around and go back back down to take the easy way out? Think of the view from that mountain when you reach the top!

Many years ago (more than 10) we had John's cousins staying with us from Wales. We went to the Statue of Liberty. Back in those days you could still climb all the step up to the top. I still to this day wish I wouldn't have backed out 1/2 way up. Amanda and I turned around and went down. Our view was noting compared to what the rest of the family saw and experience. We waited at the bottom board for a long time till they showed up full of excitement. I heard from all of them about God's wide view of creation. Did it take work for them to climb all those stairs? It sure did! Was it worth it? Yes it was.

If we want to follow God's dreams for our life to the fullest we need to climb the mountains. We many not see the view as we climb but we move forward. The bible says weather we turn right or life God walks with us. I want to turn the way to the top of the mountain to get the full excitement of his dream for me.

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