Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Over the years I have made many friends. Each one God gave me for a special reason. This week I have been a little down because after 22 years of doing child care I have my first family that doesn't like me and they don't trust my judgement with their children. I kept trying to tell myself it is one in 22 years but it still hurts when you hear someone doesn't like you.

God knew I needed a pick me up. I had a friend call me from the airport just to chat will she waits for her airplane. Another from my LBS group sent me encouraging words. My daughter's mother-in-law (she has a great mother-in-law) sent me an email about something and she ended it with scripture and it was what I needed to hear and she knew nothing about what I was going through at the time.

The best friend of all, of course is my Lord. All during the day I can talk with him when this feel comes upon me.

There is great value in friendship. "Two are better than one," wrote the wise man (Eccl. 4: 9). A true friend will stand by, even in times of trouble. "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity," the Bible says (Prov. 17: 17).

So I want to thank God for friends like you.

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